Major SeoulCity news! New site concept!

Our new and final concept of SeoulCity will be a Fan fiction site, what we liked to call iReaDrama, where we will be expressing/sharing our Creative Writing of Dramas from our imaginations. None of the stories are exactly finished yet. There are 2 on the way, but were never completed because of procrastination, after an rebooting incident that erased all of my files. Thank you, and please check us out!

For the Kpop loving Imvu players out there!

GeminJewel makes kpop inspired clothing, and i checked it out myself, it was AWESOME! The clothes are very accurate and they'll look fantastic on your avatars. Want to have the kpop love for your Imvu avatar? come check out Geminjewel!

iREADrama; The Bully (Coming Soon)

New iREADrama; The Bully is coming out soon.

Big Bang Photos for Lollipop 2 (song included)

Earlier today, Big Bang along with LG Cyon released the song and CF for Lollipop 2. The song quickly became a hit and fans can’t get enough of these boys.

After this release, LG Cyon updated their official website with some photos of the boys endorsing the Lollipop 2.

Thanks to LauraL for the tip and 롤리팝홈, VIPZ, and teambigbang for sharing. Check out the colorful photos below.

UEE’s strict personality revealed

Earlier, we reported about UEE being strict towards After School’s new members, Raina and Nara. Now that the episode of Strong Heart is out, we know the full story!

Leader of the girl group, Kahi, said that UEE made the newcomers very scared. Apparently, she said things like “When we go to the hair salon, you know the unnies wash their hair first right?” and “Why are you guys resting just because the unnies are resting?” Anyways, this is just a glimpse of what she did to her poor band mates. Check out the video below!

Pro-tip: Don’t make UEE angry!

Video Footage of 2NE1’s photo shoot for Bean Pole

Around two weeks ago we reported the girls of 2NE1 were hooking up with Korea apparel brand Bean Pole Jeans. Now, here’s some video footage of 2NE1’s photo shoot for Bean Pole.

The girls look sexy and fierce, I can’t wait until the full photo spread is released. Thanks to chukachukachoo for the tip and check out the video below.

Amerie, 4minute & BEAST’s “Heard ‘Em All” released!

Earlier this month, we received notice on 4minute and BEAST’s participation on America’s sensational pop diva Amerie’s returning album, In Love & War. Well, the hot track, Heard ‘Em All has been finally unleashed today!

Being the daughter of a Korean woman and a resident of the country for a few years, Amerie has often showcased her Korean heritage to the media. This is not the first time that she has collaborated with Korean artists, having worked with Se7en on Take Control back in 2007 so fans are noticeably hyped with this.

Amerie will visit Korea once again in March for promotions.